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North Carolina Warriors

Carter Hockey is proud to partner and support the North Carolina Warriors Disabled Veteran Ice Hockey program.

The North Carolina Warriors Ice Hockey Program is a disabled veterans ice hockey team that exist to benefit disabled veterans from the United States Military Services. They are one of 21 (and growing) USA Hockey Warriors teams in the nation. Each and every one of these teams exist with the focus of providing an athletic outlet with a sense of therapy and comradery for its members. The team consists of veterans that have service-rated disabilities that can, and do, include physical disabilities such as surgically rebuilt limbs, non-fully functional appendages, and other physical challenges that have become the player's new norm. This however does not, and will not, keep the Warriors from enjoying the game they love. The hockey players on the North Carolina Warriors Ice Hockey team roster range from having played for many years to veterans who are interested in trying hockey for the first time. This range evokes the training and teamwork that these veterans value so much.

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For more information about the North Carolina Warriors, or to support their incredible program, visit them here: