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Carter Hockey is extremely proud to be partnering with 7Element. 7Element is a group headquartered in Nashville, TN that embodies the principles and objectives that Carter Hockey focuses on every day. Their core values of Honor, Selfless Service and Commitment are principles that we focus on consistently. The 7Element tagline of "Serving Those That Serve" is exactly why 7Element makes for an incredible partner that Carter Hockey is ecstatic to be associated with.

7Element was founded by two military veterans, who found a common bond through the sport of hockey. Being a member of a sports team, can provide a sense of belonging that is like what veterans and first responders find while conducting their duties.  The founders quickly learned the healing power that the sport of hockey has and realized that all sports could be beneficial to the mental health of both military veterans and first responders. Hockey has provided a sense of belonging to the two veterans, something they hadn’t had since their time in the armed forces. The founders were also introduced to an entirely new community through hockey, a community they otherwise would never have been a part of. The sport of hockey helped the founders to integrate back into a civilian community, something 7Element views as very important to the wellbeing of our members.

The leadership of the organization is in the dedicated hands of a nine-time combat veteran, who has committed himself to making this the best mission yet. Together, our board of directors, staff, and volunteers work tirelessly to serve those who have selflessly served our country and communities.  The integrity of our organization is paramount and therefore those who represent our organization are as honorable and as noble as our mission and the people we serve.

To learn more about and support 7Element, please visit them at https://www.7element.org/